Eat Mor Chikin

Eat Mor Chikin

This chicken did not have the chance to cross the road.

We have lost one of our chickens for an unknown reason. Maybe it’s because of the severe heat we’re experiencing? Did it get oven-baked by the heat? There were no grill marks on it, so I really have no idea.

I bet the other hens would have cried over her death — if only they had tear ducts.

I’ll miss the delicious eggs.

But I won’t miss the nasty poops.

RIP White Chicken.

Back to Back

Back to Back



I’m finding out that I’m pretty good at being mediocre at golf. In the last two MGA tournaments for the South OC chapter, I have come out on the top of the mediocre stack.

Back in August, the MGA Championship was played at Bella Collina Golf Club in San Clemente. It would ultimately be the largest tournament so far this year. In addition to that, the greens were easily the most difficult I have played. It was like putting on cement.

But after a few beers, my mind was put at ease and things started to get easier.

Yeah, right.

It was treacherous from the first drive to the very last putt. I was lucky to have survived, let alone win.

Then this month, the Douche Bag Invitational was played at San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capistrano. We all know this course to be pretty straight forward — not too many surprises. So the beer was free flowing during the round. With the heat and humidity kicked up a notch, it was a welcomed relief to have a cold beer on hand at all times.

Winning this tournament was pretty rewarding. Not just for the “trophy” that was an upside-down visor embroidered with a logo that depicts a roll of $1 bills with a $20 wrapped around the outside (douche, yes?) — but because the last time an MGA tournament was played at San Juan Hills, I missed forcing a playoff by 1 stroke.

Redemption was had.

And so were a few drinks, bogeys, and good times.

Get the Labor Out

Get the Labor Out

It’s the start of Labor Day weekend and the beginning of the end for Summer.

Zella knows now is the time to get the last of the Summer fun out of her system.

What better way to start than running around the Orange County Great Park and riding the Great Park Balloon?

Don’t Forget the Sprinkles

Don't Forget the Sprinkles

If there is anything to know about my kids, it’s that they love yogurt.

It doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or thawed.

Strawberry or vanilla preferred.

And for June, if it’s frozen yogurt from Yogurtland or Golden Spoon, don’t forget the sprinkles.

Don’t ever forget the sprinkles.

Hot Wheels to the Extreme

Hot Wheels to the Extreme

Imagine the cacophony of 1,100 Hot Wheels cars zooming across metal tracks. Led down tracks laid out in every imaginable direction. Pushed to the extreme, powered only by the pull of gravity.

Then throw in a few motorized trains for good measure.

What do you get?

One of the most mesmerizing art exhibits you’ll ever encounter. It’s as if it was born of a child’s fantasy dream. There are towers of buildings jutting out from the dense weave of tracks. Look closely at the photo and you’ll see an attendant standing in the middle of the chaos. This could easily fill up an entire apartment.

Trying to follow one car throughout the 100s of feet of track is practically impossible. There are layers and layers of tracks. The cars are continuously moving at ridiculous speeds in what must be a gesture to appease an audience of ADD sufferers.

“It” is Metropolis II, from the mind of Chris Burden, and is currently on exhibit at LACMA and is an absolute must see in person.

All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Did you know there are miniature scaled trains to ride in Orange County?

It’s every kid’s dream to ride on top of a train.

Needless to say, Zella was thrilled beyond belief.

R.I.P. Zoe

Super Sad Dog

It’s easy to remember things about Zoe:

- Her expressive eyes

- Her otter tail that wap wap waps with the beat of a truly happy heart

- Her absolute need to greet you with a toy in the mouth and cries of joy as you walk into the house

- Her belief that she is a lap dog and not 85 lbs

- Her French kisses

- Her protective growls, even though she is the epitome of the phrase “bark is worse than the bite”

- Her ability to coat the entire house in white fur right after it has been cleaned

- Her food snatching skills unmatched by any other

- Her sharp yelps at the door in the middle of the night to let us know she has to pee because she knows to never do her business in the house

- Her calm and sweetness at full strength while being tormented by the kids

- Her “super sad dog” label despite her actually being the happiest dog in the world

- Her erratic hops around the house when someone gets the leash out for a walk

- Her natural talent to eat, eat, and eat

- Her stinky ears

- Her comfort whenever it is needed

- Her unconditional love

She is my first dog love.

This photo taken in 2011 will forever be my favorite of Zoe. It’s the quintessential photo that captures so much of her personality. Those eyes. Her expression. The cone of shame. All the while knowing that she is wagging her tail like crazy.

It will be hard to believe she is no longer with us.

Rest in peace our dear Zoe.


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