Don’t Mess with June

Don't Mess with June

Be lucky that Zella is around to hold June back.

Very lucky.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born

Zella just had her stage debut in the musical, How to Eat Like a Child – And Other Lessons in Not Being a Grown-up; a production from her dance studio at the McCoy Rigby Conservatory of the Arts. What made this musical unique was the cast of only kids 11 years old and younger. And with Zella being 5 years old, she was easily the youngest.

Despite all that, she did great! She was full of confidence and exhibited a surprising amount of stage presence.

Through two solid months of Friday night and Saturday afternoon practices and numerous walk-throughs, Zella never once wanted to stop, quit, or leave early.

And that is what I am most proud of: She tried her best and never gave up.

Number 5 Is Alive

Number 5 Is Alive

It’s been exactly 5 years since my life was completely upended and changed.

And I would not want it to be any different.

Happy birthday to my first love, Zella!

I Bite You

I Bite You

If you have a kid, then you have at one point wanted to do some sort of harm to her. I’m not saying you have acted out on it because that would be awful — but there’s no doubt you have had thoughts of it.

You haven’t?



So anyways, with June it is no different. There are times I want to literally bite her…

Out of frustration.

Out of anger.

Out of some deep-seated frustration-anger blackness of ugly feelings.

…And then, there are times like this…

Out of pure love and joy.

Just bite her to bits and pieces because she is so adorably cute. Because I am truly enjoying the time with just her and me.

From the looks of it, she may be feeling the exact same way.

Do You Even Brine?

Do You Even Brine?It’s that time of year where we all gather together and get fat on turkey.

But before the turkey gets to the table and even before it gets to the oven, it needs to be given a bath.

A salt bath.

A brine bath.

If you cook a turkey, this is a key preparation step that will ensure you end up with a delicious, moist bird that has virtually no dry meat. Even the white meat will be flavorful.

And with 2 days until Thanksgiving, the brining starts now.

So get brining!

Mediocre Championship

Mediocre Championship

What do all of these have in common:

- A heavy metal mariachi band
– Tiny Mr. T
– A self-confessed crazy Indian American taxi driver
– Mediocre golfers

If you somehow guessed things present during the Mediocre Golf Association World Championship (MGAWC) in Las Vegas, then you need to go buy a lottery ticket. Right now.

As featured here countless times (1st time, 2nd time, 3rd time), the MGA Tour is where being mediocre is awarded and being too good gets you disqualified and ridiculed. This past weekend marked the culmination of the 2014 season and the inaugural year of the South Orange County chapter of the MGA Tour. And with 6 members of our chapter present, we were hoping to make an impact among the 144 golfers in the tournament.

After blasting through the welcome party with musical guests Metalachi, we dragged ourselves from the Hawaiian-themed California hotel situated on glorious Fremont Street and right into the 1st round of the MGAWC. During this round, I would have the honor of being 1 of 12 players on the World Team competing for the prestigious Medio Cup versus the San Francisco Team. The Medio Cup is a match play competition between 12 of the best members of the founding MGA chapter (San Francisco) and 12 of the best players not in the SF chapter.

For my fourball match, I was teamed up with the defending MGAWC champion, Jason Smith, versus El Presidente of the whole MGA Tour, Jon Morley, and another SF chapter member. After making our way through the course and going back and forth in our match, the champ and I ended up beating them 4 and 3.

We won a point for the World Team!

Ultimately, after the other matches were concluded and the points tallied up, my World Team ended up winning the Medio Cup. So ridiculously awesome to be able to walk away with the Medio Cup and get into the record books.

With the 1st round complete and the Medio Cup in the bag, the 2nd day and 2nd round would soon follow. And this being the Mediocre Golf Association, I, of course, took a serious dive down the overall rankings.

I ended up being 22 shots from a playoff for the Championship. Not so close.

And with that, my first year on the MGA Tour is complete.

- 3 tournament wins
– Top money winner for the South OC chapter
– 1 Medio Cup

And golfing memories that will last a lifetime — mediocre definitely does not describe it.

A Field of Beans

A Field of Beans

If you have been following along on my Project 52, you may remember week 12 and No Excuses.

Need a refresher?

Go ahead and take a look now.

Unfortunately, there is still the need to feed the hungry in Orange County. So again, I was a part of a team of volunteers from my company who dedicated a few hours of our day to help. This time we were tasked to pick green beans from the fields at the Incredible Edible Farm in the Orange County Great Park. This is where the Second Harvest Food Bank grows fresh produce to help feed the continuous stream of hungry people.

By the end of our time, there were thousands of plucked green beans ready to be loaded and trucked away. Eventually, these beans would be served as part of a fresh meal.

Hopefully, one day, this will be a non-existent service. Until then, I will continue to gladly volunteer my time to help.


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