Hi June!

Hi June

If you know June, you know she is tough to get to sit still.

Whether it’s because she just doesn’t like sitting still, or she refuses to listen to direction to sit still — she is always moving. She is never happy with sitting in one place doing one activity for too long. So to be able to get a half-way decent shot of her, that is a major accomplishment.

Mission Accomplished!

Happy 1st Birthday, 3.0!

Happy 1st Birthday, 3.0!

Another 365 days have passed by.

And now we find ourselves celebrating Willow’s 1st birthday.

 Happy birthday to my shadow!

My 3 Girls – Part 2

My 3 Girls - Part 2

In what I see being a reoccurring theme here, my 3 girls will be the center focus of many of my posts.

As any parent will attest to, comparing photos from different times brings out an indescribable joy and happiness.

The original My 3 Girls post was 9 months ago — they look pretty much the same, but different.

And I’m loving every minute of it.

Aloha from the Ha Clan

Aloha from the Ha Clan

Minus Willow, who was lounging back in the room.

I Hope You Dance

I Hope You Dance

After a long day of adventuring — from the Iolani Palace to the Dole pineapple plantation, and a plethora of closed food trucks to round it out — a dance to the sunset is warranted.

Follow Zella

Follow Zella

By now you know we love everything about Disney — from Disneyland to Disney World, and especially the princesses for the girls. For a family full of young kids, there really isn’t anything that doesn’t cater to us.

After hearing so many great things about the Aulani Resort in Hawaii, we knew we had to make vacation plans around it.

And now that we’re here, a magical week awaits us — with Zella pulling us in all directions.

Project 52: Week 52 — And So It Ends…

Project 52: Week 52

I did it!

Back in January, I set out to post here at least once a week for the entire year. This week marks the final post of my successful Project 52.

And it is only fitting that it’s a photo of June. After all, she kicked off Week 1.

This being the end, let’s take the obligatory journey back in time and highlight a few milestones — click the Week to see the photo and read the story.

Week 4: Met Tiger Woods — sort of

Week 7: For my 40th birthday, snowboarded at Whistler while wearing a penguin outfit

Week 10: Welcomed Willow to the world, my 3rd beautiful baby girl :)

Week 15: Documented the battle of the Blood Moon and Spica the star

Week 17: Celebrated June’s 2nd birthday

Week 22: Raced around the grocery store to capture a photo that would eventually be chosen as GoPro’s Photo of the Day

Week 25: Won the 1st of my three MGA Tour golf tournaments

Week 31: Lost my best dog friend :(

Week 39: Visited Wrigley Field

Week 43: Finished in 2nd place with my first ever soccer team

Week 49: Zella shines in her first musical

Overall, I had a great time with this project. It encouraged me to take my cameras out more often and snap pictures — thousands and thousands of pictures. There were times when I knew right away what I wanted to post for the upcoming week. And then, inevitably, there were times when I struggled to get an acceptable photo posted.

So what now?

Do I start up another Project 52? Maybe even a Project 365? Or just post on my own random schedule?

I’m not entirely sure which direction to take, so I’m giving myself a couple weeks to decide.

Stay tuned!

P.S. If you want to see all my Project 52 posts, just click here. Or click the Project 52 link way up on top of the page.


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