A Cold One

Fat Tire

Fat Tire is hands down my favorite beer. There is so much deliciousness contained in each bottle. I have had the honor of visiting New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. There is a bit of charm associated with this company. Check out my Flickr album detailing my visit.

Notice the Fat Tire label? The infamous bike is covered in snow. NBB does that during the winter months. That’s pretty cool and unique — just like the brewery.

About this photo: I have historically used CTO gels on my flash to bring out the color of skin. Despite that, I used it here. I think it brings out color of the label. I’m pleasantly surprised. Photography is all about experimenting. Oh, and it was quite the reward afterwards to pop a couple caps.

3 thoughts on “A Cold One

  1. Quan..It’s one of my favorite beers but I keep calling it FLAT TIRE… since it has given me the more flat tires than a lifetime could patch.

    P.S. I like your photos.. Very Nie (Nice in Vietnamese)


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