City of Orange vs The Ha Family

City of Orange vs The Ha Family

So we have been dealing with the City of Orange over alleged code violations. The codes have to do with our front yard and its landscaping. I certainly don’t want to rehash the details as I’ve done a lot of talking to the media lately. First was the Orange County Register.

Click for the OC Register article.

Getting the OC Register was completely intentional because I wanted to shed light on the fact that the city was taking me to court over my front yard. Unfortunately, the photos accompanying the article do not do justice. That’s regretful as the full picture was never painted. But…out of the blue, the KTLA channel 5 news came ringing at our door. They found our story very interesting and topical. They felt it hit a nerve and would serve the greater community to broadcast a piece on it. Well, lo and behold, they did. The photo above shows the news van parked out front of our house with the antenna extended ready to broadcast — LIVE!

Despite all the publicity we’ve received on this, none of it matters until the judge makes a final decision. I appreciate and love all the support from friends, family, and complete strangers on the internet — it feels good to know that we aren’t alone in this.

Click for the KTLA news piece broadcast.

Love not war

One thought on “City of Orange vs The Ha Family

  1. I just saw your story on the news tonight and wanted to say how great it is that you are fighting the city over a crazy law. I’m a landscape contractor and I would be honored if I could donate plants and trees for your yard. I have many drought tolerant plants that I think would be perfect for you. Call me at (949)283-3111 and I could tell you more. No strings attached, I just want to help out and feel I have the ability to do so in your case.
    Aaron Trear
    Owner of Aarons Natural Landscaping


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