Game 1

Game 1

I got to go to Game 1 of the NBA Finals — Lakers vs. Celtics. What a storied rivalry these two teams have. Sports stats are funny. Depending on how the stats look for each side, you can have a great argument. For instance, the Celtics have won 17 championships vs. the Lakers with 15. So if you are a Celtics fan, you say no matter what happens this year, the Celtics will still have more championships so they are better. But then if you are a Lakers fan, you say when was the last time the Celtics won a championship. The answer is 2008 but the Lakers are defending champs (2009). And the previous championship for the Celtics was 1986, whereas the Lakers previous championship was 2002 (and that year was the 3rd in a row). So the Lakers are obviously better statistically in the modern era than the Celtics.

See how easy that is to flip around? Anyways, I got to go to game 1 of this year’s final and sadly the Lakers lost. Maybe this is the wake up that is needed. Hopefully everything falls into place for the Lakers’ 16th championship and 2 years in a row.

UPDATE UPDATE: The Lakers win the title. Booya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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