Married? Yes, Married! Jeez!


Another one of my best friends got married. This time it was Sonti. His love story is quite amazing. He and Traci first dated in high school. And then as all high school love winds up, they parted ways. But a great thing happened later on in life — they become close again. And to make a long story super short, they are now married. I am so very happy for them. I mean after all that has gone on in life, they find each other again and are able to fall deeply in love again and then take the ultimate journey together. Awwwwww!

Anyways, I am so blessed to know them both so well. And not only that, but I was a part of their wedding as a groomsman. What an honor! I love when two people find enough joy and happiness with each other that they become a union of one. What a spectacular time!

(Sixteen Candles and Long Duc Dong sponsored this blog entry)

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