I Will Always Be Watching

I will always be watching

Growing up, I always had the feeling that someone was watching me. Maybe not exactly watching over me, but just watching me and everything I did. I remember it not being the most comfortable feeling all the time but there was a sense that I was not always alone. Sometimes I enjoyed it, and sometimes it freaked me out as you can imagine.

This is my reminder that I will always be watching over Zella. It is my duty as her dad to protect her and ensure her safety at all cost. Some may call it stalking. I call it unconditional love.

One thought on “I Will Always Be Watching

  1. wow, i love this pic. You can almost see what Zella is looking at through the reflection in her eye. I wish i could make out if this was a tripod shot with a remote trigger or Angie sitting back there.


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