Don’t Be a Clown

Don't Be A Clown

I don’t trust people in costumes. Especially clowns. They’re usually outlandish and act really weird. I know you’re supposed to get into your role when dressed up. But I feel people who dress up as clowns and act like a clown, have something they are hiding.

Well, in this particular instance, we were at the annual Chili Cook-off and Plant Auction at the OC Fairgrounds. All the proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald house and other deserving local agencies. This explains Ronald McDonald being there. As we were walking around, he came bouncing into Zella’s view. She was instantly suspicious of him and immediately let out a warning burst to ward him off. He tried to approach again. And Zella let out a louder and more piercing blast. He got the idea and backed away. Little did we realize but he was scheming in his crazy clown brain on how to get within reach of Zella.

As we were walking away, minding our own business, Mr. Clown began his sneak attack. The moment of truth was captured here.

Like I said before, I don’t trust clowns.

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