Killer Caterpillar

Killer Caterpillar

Angela has her garden in full effect. There are pumpkins, watermelons, artichokes, cantaloupes, a large variety of tomatoes, and even corn. So far, we have been able to harvest the corn and numerous tomatoes. Strange thing about homegrown corn. They aren’t quite the size of store bought ones. Maybe it’s because they have better growing methods in the large corn fields…or maybe they spray them with so many different chemicals. Regardless, the homegrown are very sweet and tasty. And the tomatoes? Very juicy and delicious.

Looking at the plants in the garden, we came across a tomato plant with half eaten tomatoes and leaves. We thought maybe the rats were getting to it. But after careful inspection, we found the culprit. This killer caterpillar. Who knows how long he had set up shop on the plant but he was very much loving it. He was happily taken under the care of the next door neighbor kid who loves animals and bugs. Poor tomatoes…at least the rats didn’t get to them.

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