What a beautiful coat — if you’re into this type of style. A classic look straight out of Burberry. Practically their patented look. Check out the price tag.

Pretty pricey. But it’s a coat that will probably last awhile considering the Burberry brand quality.

Now, take another look at the price tag.

Do you see it?

The size is listed as “6M” — as in, 6 MONTHS! This is not your typical full size adult coat. This thing is made for a 6 month old INFANT. Wow! And you know how fast babies grow? This has a usable lifespan of weeks. No way would this last until the next season, let alone a few months. You would have to really not like the money in your pocket to purchase this thing. Me? I like my money way too much. Zella gets a trash bag with head and arm holes cut out of it.

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