Fly, Dragonfly! Fly!

Fly Dragonfly! Fly!

So awhile back, I’ve noticed that a red dragonfly would land on the antenna of my car and just chill. This dates back at least a couple years ago. You know how fast a dragonfly can move? Yet this thing has so much control that it can stop and land on the tip of an antenna. Luckily today, I was able to capture it. I’ve never really seen one up close — they don’t stop moving that often. In my ignorance, I thought that this was the same dragonfly that has always landed on my antenna. Well, after looking up their typical lifespan, I can say that unfortunately, this was not the original dragonfly. Their average life is just 4 weeks. But how amazing is it that a red dragonfly still continues to land on my antenna years later?

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