Roach Coach 2.0

Roach Coach 2.0

You know the connotation: roach coach. It’s that food truck that drives around to construction sites honking its horn to announce its arrival. It usually sells breakfast burritos and other greasy foods — surely not all that healthy for you. Well in these parts, the roach coach has grown-up and transformed into something different. To start, they aren’t called roach coaches anymore. They now have hip fancy names (Piaggio On Wheels, Barcelona On The Go, Dos Chinos)  and serve food you usually find at modern restaurants. They utilize social media outlets to communicate to their customers.

I must admit, I’m addicted to them. The food is fresh and usually very unique. The service is always great and you feel so appreciated whenever ordering. The social aspect of it is something you don’t get in a regular sit-down restaurant. You are usually able to chat it up with the cook and others around you. The atmosphere feels very communal and friendly.

Well, I got to finally catch up to The Lime Truck. I’ve been wanting to eat at it and as luck would have it, they were at Irvine Lanes with a few other trucks for the weekly OC DinDin-A-GoGo event. Up there is a photo of the “Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich.” And I can personally attest, it definitely lives up to its name. Smashed lamb with red onions, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, topped with cucumber yogurt, and warmly wrapped in a pita bread. Oh what deliciousness!

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