Happy Tet!

Happy Tet

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by the Vietnamese and a few other Asian cultures. It is often misidentified as the Chinese New Year, but no worries as everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves. It marks a period of outlandish celebration — from dragon dances and fire crackers to family and friends coming together to wish each other a prosperous new year.

In Vietnam, the New Year is referred to as Tet. One tradition which I absolutely loved about Tet growing up is the giving of lucky money (Li Xi) stuffed in decorative red envelopes to children. As the elder hands the envelope to a child, a few words of wisdom is bestowed onto him. Then the child is supposed to save the money and when the time comes to spend it, it is done wisely.

This is Zella’s first real reception of the lucky money. You can almost see her thinking about how she will spend it.

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