911! 911! 911!

911! 911! 911!

I can count the number of times I have had to call 911 in my life with one hand. It’s this most recent time that I will forever remember.

Zella has been a little bit sick. Nothing big. Just a slight fever and congestion. Nothing to get all worked up over for sure.

Until today.

After getting home from work, I get an update from the nanny that Zella’s fever has been high and she is sleeping. No problem I thought — let her sleep it off. Rest is always good. Well, after she wakes up, I give her some liquids and medicine to bring her 100.7 fever down. We sit back and watch some quality Sprout cartoons because that tends to calm her down. Then I notice that she is a bit too calmed down (parents will know what that means). I take her temp again.


Shit. Gotta do something and quick. I give her more liquids. I try and get her to snap out of her trance. Nothing but a blank stare from her. Eyes wide open but not moving. Then it starts.


She’s never done this before. She does a couple quick seizes and then goes completely stiff. Stiff as a board. She is heating up in my arms. I can literally feel the heat emanating from her head. I reach for my phone and call 911. Frantic beyond belief. My baby is dying in my arms and I need to be calmed down. The 911 operator who answered? She was nothing short of amazing. Pulled me back enough to get a grip on the situation and help me along in a positive direction.

The fire truck and paramedics soon arrive. An ambulance trip to CHOC hospital ensues.

Oh, and did I mention that Angela was still driving home from work during this? I can’t begin to imagine the feelings she was going through trying to break through traffic.

We finally get to the ER. They determine that Zella had a febrile seizure and was in the early stages of pneumonia. If you don’t know what a febrile seizure is and you have a newborn or toddler, do yourself a favor and educate yourself. Now. Because there is a chance of this occurring to little ones and knowing something about it before it should happen will help calm the situation down greatly.

What good came of this? If it weren’t for the seizure and ER visit, we most likely would not have been able to catch the early onset of pneumonia. We were ultimately able to treat it quickly and effectively before it progressed any further.

And Zella got her first ride in an ambulance.

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