Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Say hello to my lil friend.

So I just got a new gun. I’ve always wanted to own a gun but never pulled the trigger (pun intended). But after pestering and pestering Angela and giving her all the doomsday scenarios I could think of, I finally got the OK.

I knew my initial gun would have to be a self defense type of weapon. I mean what’s the point of owning your first gun if you can’t use it in a situation which requires you to defend yourself and your family? My subsequent guns could be of the more “sporty” variety. But the first one? For sure handgun.

So then I’m lead to the top tier of gun manufacturers. Why waste good money on lower level brands, when again, the first gun needs to be functional 100% of time under any circumstance. Well, after shooting a few times at the gun range with a mixture of guns, I settled on a .45 caliber. Again, why go smaller? I want stopping power if the need were to arise.

After researching and searching and researching and searching…and then more searching, I got lucky. The exact brand and caliber I was looking for came up on consignment sale at the local gun range.

After 10 days of state mandated waiting, I now own a Sig Sauer P220. It’s beautiful in so many ways — looks, feel, and accuracy. Whenever I shoot it, I’m not ever disappointed. Now where’s my NRA application?

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