Feed Me

Feed Me

We have a hummingbird nest right under our back eave. Right now, there are 2 hummingbird babies and what appears to be a mama and papa hummingbird. The parents seem to take turns at feeding the babies. And boy are they hungry little suckers. You can practically hear them chirping like mad for food.

If you have ever been around hummingbirds, you know the humming sound their wings make when they’re flying around. No doubt that’s how they got their name. It’s a fairly intense sound when they whiz by your head. Whenever I hear it, it makes me stop everything I’m doing. I can see myself becoming hypnotized to that sound.

Well, anyways, these little birds crap a lot! There is so much hummingbird poo up around the nest and below on the ground. It’s pretty crazy how much they poo for such little birds. I guess all that intense flapping of the wings gets their metabolism flowing.

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