Not only do we have baby hummingbirds this season, but we also got baby red shouldered hawks. A family of 5 hawks to be precise. They set up shop in a tree in our backyard with the nest about 30 feet up.

At first we noticed the mama and papa hawks. They weren’t too much of a concern and we didn’t really pay too attention to them. Then one day my neighbor came up to me and told me that he saw some baby hawks. After a quick inspection, what do you know! There were 3 baby hawks.

Now that the baby hawks are out, the mama and papa hawks don’t take too kindly to people standing anywhere near their nest. There have been numerous fly by swoops by the big hawks. And when I say fly by, I mean they have gotten so close that I could feel the pressure of the air caused by the flapping of the wings. These hawks mean business and they would do anything to protect their babies. Which come to think, is just like a human. So you really can’t blame them. Anyways, pretty unique situation I’m sure to have both baby hummingbirds and baby hawks in your backyard.

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