Chick Chick Chickie

Chick Chick Chickies

What is this? The summer of birds? I mean seriously, first it’s the baby hummingbirds, then the baby hawks, and now this?

Yep, in keeping up the theme of the summer, we now have 2 baby chickens. There had always been talk about getting chickens so that we could have our own eggs. We’re egg lovers as much as the next person. So why keep buying eggs at the grocery store when we can have our own production line? We are pretty concerned with the foods we eat and look for organic products. Well, with our own chickens, we have complete control over what they eat and how they are treated. So we will have no concern over the health of the eggs. And with practically an endless supply of eggs, we are all set.

I just hope none of these chicks becomes a rooster. I am not keeping a rooster no matter what. In which case, we’ll have some good homemade chicken stock.

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