End Alzheimer’s

End Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a pretty nasty disease. I should know. My dad was plagued by this disease. He eventually lost his battle, as countless millions of others will. The life of an Alzheimer’s patient is not the life they wish to live. They are just a shell of who they were.

There isn’t any known cure for Alzheimer’s. In fact, doctors are not even positive on what causes the onslaught of this disease. All we know for sure is that once it starts, there is no way to reverse it. So what’s that mean? We have so much more research to do on this. All the while, millions and millions people around the world continue to live with this disease. It knows no boundaries — race, gender, socioeconomic status — it all doesn’t matter.

So what can you and I do about it? We can help publicize the fact that more research is necessary. But research doesn’t come free. Not only do we have to raise awareness, but we also need to raise money to fund the research.

In memory of my father, we walk for Alzheimer’s awareness. One of this year’s walks that benefit the Orange County chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association occurred at the Tustin District. It was a celebration for all those who took the time and effort to raise awareness and money. It was a dedication to those who are no longer with us. It was a promise to help find a cure for this awful disease.

God bless my father and all the other Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families and friends.

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