3rd of July

3rd of July

The 4th of July is celebrated as one of our nation’s grandest of holidays. This day marks the day of declared independence from British rule in 1776. All days since have been lived in total freedom.

In the city of Orange, the 3rd of July is when the festivities begin. The city puts on a fireworks show at the local high school along with all the prerequisite food and entertainment. As much as this is a tradition for Orange, we have our own tradition: A gathering of friends and family at the house to celebrate on this day as well. It totally works because everyone has the 4th off of work so staying out late is no problem.

This year we had practically all that you could ask for: a big blow-up water slide, ridiculously awesome food including smoked ribs and bbq burgers, great friends, family, and old friends who are family and even a full-on fireworks show in the backyard to top it off. I notice that with my own growing family, my parties are becoming more and more family-oriented. Kids are everywhere and they’re having a great time. I think the kids are what bring the biggest joy to a party. Along with plenty of alcohol for the adults.

I still look back at the many memories I had of celebrating the 4th of July. I hope that this year’s celebration will be memorable for everyone as they reflect on this day. It was a truly great time hanging out with everyone.

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