Cincy Zoo

Cincy Zoo

The family took a trip out to Cincinnati, Ohio for a few days. It was a mixture of business (for Angela) and pleasure (Zella and me). We were only there for 4 days so the chance to be a tourist was a bit limited. But we tried to make the most of it…

Our first tourist destination was the Cincinnati Zoo. This zoo is regarded as one of the better zoos in the midwest and it pretty much lived up to that repetition. They had quite the variety of animals and a tremendous amount of learning opportunities. With the love of animals that Zella has, it was a great way to start our adventures for the week. These rhinos at the zoo’s entrance were very cooperative photo subjects.

One thing of note: I try not to complain about the weather too much. There really isn’t much that you can do about it so it is usually best just to deal with it as best as possible — good or bad. (So excuse me while I rant) Well, have you ever been to the midwest in July? It was 80+ degrees by 9am with a humidity level approaching that same number. I am from Southern California and it *may* get that way a couple days a year — at worst. So needless to say, I was not prepared for the drastic change in weather in Cincinnati. Humidity apparently is something you can get used to. I don’t ever want to get used to humidity. It seriously sapped my energy and motivation. Zella was a bit bogged down as well.

…after spending 30 minutes inside the air conditioned gift shop in the zoo…

We moved onto other sights of Cincinnati.

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