Slow Ride Race

Slow Ride Race

We were out in Nashville, Tennessee, visiting our friends Rob and Tina. It fit right perfect with our trip to Cincinnati. And you know what else fit perfectly?

Tour de Fat.

From my last experience at the Tour de Fat in San Diego, I knew it was a requirement to visit the Nashville stop. And of all the weekends, it falls on the one Saturday we’re in town as well. What dumb luck we sometimes have.

This time, I entered the Slow Ride competition. It’s a race to be last instead of first. With the rules that you had to keep moving forward and could not touch the ground, it proved to be quite the challenge. I was the last to make it across the finish line in my heat, so that put me into the final race for the championship belt.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the final race. The combination of a competitor cutting me off and a dip in the grass was too much for me to overcome. I can’t wait to make it to another Tour de Fat for redemption.

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