Drinking + Driving = Crash

Drinking + Driving = Crash

“Someone crashed into the house!!”

Imagine waking up at 2:30am to your wife screaming that. Not only are you trying to understand what is going on, but you’re also hearing that song “Like a G6” coming from outside the house on full blast. Then you think what you heard was:

“Someone’s in the house!”

And your wife is bolting out of the room with your kid in her arms running down the hallway. No way would she be doing that if someone was in the house. Right? What the hell is going on?

After finally wiping away the sleep, I come to terms that someone has crashed outside our house. Into my next door neighbor’s front yard wall to be precise. While talking to 911, we see someone running away from the car down the street. I get out to investigate the crash scene, and some kid is walking up behind me. Turns out it’s the kid who owns the car. He’s instantly apologetic about the accident and he doesn’t look hurt.

We eventually learn that there were 2 other passengers in the car. They fled from the crash and were nowhere to be found. The kid doesn’t give up any info on them. He is taking all the heat for the accident. With the way the car looks and the way he looks, it’s hard to believe he is unscathed if he was the driver. He must be covering up for the real driver. He fails his field sobriety test and is promptly whisked away in the back seat of a cop car. What’s left?

A car on its side. Roof caved in. A mailbox stand made of pure concrete blocks ripped cleanly from the ground. A 7 foot tall concrete block pilaster sheared away from the block wall. And 25 feet of skid marks leading up to the accident scene. Not to mention what lays ahead as far as the legal system is concerned.

Brilliant idea. Drinking and driving.

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