Lemon Yodel

Lemon Yodel

To help kick off our extra long Labor Day weekend in Utah, we went to the Swiss Days.

It’s a Swiss-themed festival on the other side of Park City in Midway city. There were a lot of different foods with Swiss in the name. There was even a Swiss dancer and yodeler to help make it authentic feeling. The main attraction seemed to be all the arts and crafts booth set up. It felt like there were hundreds set up. Eventually they all started to look the same.

Although, the one that really caught my eye was a food stand. They were selling lemon yodels. It was made up of a lemon with a piece of candy stick stabbed into it. Apparently the lemon juice is sucked up between the candy and the wrapper — infusing the juice with the flavor of the candy. In my case, I got the watermelon candy stick.

How did it taste?

Nothing like I had hoped. 100% lemon taste. No candy flavoring at all. I resorted to biting off a piece of the candy stick and then sucking on the lemon. Total bust. And at a cost of $2. But what a brilliant business considering the very low cost of making the lemon yodel.

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