It’s not often as a normal civilian that you get a chance to view military airplanes up-close.

Lucky for me, my brother works at Boeing. And today happened to be the celebration of the first flight anniversary of the C-17 Globemaster III military transport airplane. 20 years ago this beast of an airplane took to the skies. And since then, it has flown countless missions ranging from top secret Navy SEALs drop-offs to humanitarian aid missions.

While at the Boeing facility in Long Beach, we were able to walk into the C-17. And let me tell you, it was humongous inside. You could easily see how this thing could fit a helicopter, Humvees, and tanks. It was awesome to say the least.

But they also had the assembly warehouses open to visitors. And if the airplane was big, then I can’t think of the word that describes the size of the warehouses. Ginormous?! It was simply amazing to see the vastness of the area in which the wings, fuselage, and final assembly of the C-17 was done. You could sense the pride of those who work on this airplane as they describe the various features.

They don’t open up this up to the general public very often, so it was quite the memorable day for everyone.

3 thoughts on “C-17

  1. seeing it? I flew in one for 7 hours during a USAF training mission in South Carolina! ha! not many people ge tot fly in, so beat that!


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