Crash: The Sequel

Crash: The Sequel

This is starting to look familiar. Remember the last crash a month ago?

Well, this time the conditions were about as opposite as you could get. Bright daylight. Not drinking and driving. And multiple cars. Luckily, just like before, there were no serious injuries. The Honda belongs to my nanny and was parked in front of the house. It met its match when the Tahoe went head on into it. Although there were no witnesses to the crash and the driver of the Tahoe didn’t readily admit it, I can’t help but think speed had a hand in this. The nanny’s car was pushed back easily 30 feet.

We have already petitioned the city for speed bumps. They even did a traffic speed assessment a few years ago. The statistics that came back showed an average speed that wasn’t high enough to warrant speed bumps. If I recall correctly, the average speed needs to be 10mph above the speed limit. Which for our residential street is 25mph, and I believe it was a 32mph average. But now with 2 major accidents in the exact same spot a month apart, not to mention the accident during the summer which took out a street light pole, we have some serious ammunition for speed bump installations.

3 thoughts on “Crash: The Sequel

  1. That’s crazy, Ha! That curve is treacherous, you definately need a speed bump right in front of your house. It’s always made me nervous…now with the babies?!?!


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