Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

In my continuance of summer activities in locations which I only visit during the winter (see Utah), my next stop was Parker Lake.

Parker Lake is located near June Lake off of the June Loop in Mono County. My neighbor has been going to this lake for a long while and has always talked about the great hike to the lake and how much solitude can be found. I have missed each of the past 3 years of going because of various other commitments I’ve had. So when he asked this time about setting up a quick, last minute trip…and I was free…I was in…finally!

Boy was it quite the adventure. After seeing the first major storm of the season blow through the region leading up to our departure day, we were wondering what was in store for us. We learned through the Rangers station that it had snowed about 18″ during the previous 2 days before our arrival. Getting to the trailhead, the remnants of the snow storm were very evident. Gearing up and getting into the hike was fun. Hiking through the snow was a chore but the scenery was amazing. Upon reaching the lake, we were greeted by silence and our own swath of nature to enjoy.

After a few days of camping out, fishing (not catching), and sitting in absolute awe of God’s work, we had to unfortunately come back to reality. Luckily for us, the majority of the snow at the lower elevations had already melted so we had an easy way out.

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