Welcome to the Rock

Welcome to the Rock

Here’s a view you wouldn’t have wanted to see back in the days of Alcatraz prison. They sent the worst of the worst criminals here to be locked up, with little hope of getting out. The most notorious notorious resident had to be Al Capone. There is some serious history about Alcatraz island. And not just as a prison either.

This was our kick off point of our vacation in San Francisco. We made our way to The Rock via a ferry. It was a typical San Francisco day — overcast, slight drizzle, and cool temps. Exactly how it should be the first day to remind us of where we are.

There is so much charm to this city. With such a cultural diversity due to its melting pot of citizens, you get a true sense of what America is supposed to be. Everyone here seems to feel free to express themselves openly and without prejudice.

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