Bushman of Fisherman’s Wharf

Bushman of Fisherman's Wharf

Is this frightening or what?

So there’s this guy who has set up shop around Fisherman’s Wharf. To make himself stand out from the other people seeking change, he has himself an act. He literally hides behind a couple tree branches, forming a makeshift bush, and jumps out at unsuspecting people passing by. Despite the fact that there are no bushes in this area of Fisherman’s Wharf, he frightens people quite easily. I mean really, who expects anyone to jump out at them from a bush?

It is hilarious to watch him do his thing. At first people would be scared shitless. Then after realizing what was going on, they would invariably laugh. And as an appreciation, then throw some cash into his can.

If you’re gonna be a performer and wanting people’s change, you gotta have a unique act. And the Bushman certainly has one!

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