Occupy San Francisco

Occupy San Francisco

What started out as a protest of Wall Street in New York, has slowly grown to more and more cities. Cities reaching across the nation and across the world. Big cities…smaller cities.

The Occupy Movement is real. There are those who feel this is the time to stand up and voice their opinions. San Francisco is not immune to this. The Occupiers set up camp across from the Ferry Building in Justin Herman Plaza. There were rows and rows of tents set up. From young to old, the Occupiers were represented quite the mix. Walking around the camp, you get the feeling that they were trying to do something. Some were working aggressively to set up tents and support systems. Some were gathered in little groups in intense conversations. While others were just hanging out and minding their own business. It was very easy going and non-confrontational.

Everyone has an opinion of the Occupy Movement. Some feel this is not the right forum. Others feel this is indeed the best forum. This issue brings out passionate debate — which in my eyes, is the whole purpose. To shed light. To get people talking. To make a change.

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