Bullet Time

Bullet Time

The LA Auto Show is now in full swing. It’s easily one of the premier auto shows with many manufacturers displaying their current line of autos and future prototypes.

In addition to that, there’s the specialty car section where you see the ultimate “Pimp My Ride” cars. These cars are matte finished, big wheeled, very expensive vehicles.

What I like about the show is being able to sit in all the cars. Where else can you go from sitting in an itty-bitty Smart car to the monstrosity of an American made Dodge Ram?

But then again, you have this — which easily surpasses all the other things going on! This motion capture was produced in bullet time. To achieve this effect, 27 cameras were set up in the Chevy booth in an arcing pattern. On command, all 27 cameras snapped a photo at the exact same time. After a little merging magic, we end up with this.

Very Matrix. Very cool.

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