Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

We spent Thanksgiving day in Julian. It’s a little mountain community not that far from the rat race. But far enough away to make it worth a trip.

It was a great time with friends and family. I think Thanksgiving, of all the holidays, brings out the most people. It’s always a long weekend and it kicks off the end of year festivities. Kids and adults seem to really enjoy themselves during this time. And you really can’t argue with 3 NFL games in a row either.

This year I had a deep fried turkey for the first time. I got to witness the entire process and I must say, it was quite impressive. From the prepping of the bird to the prepping of the deep frying station. I was taking it all in. One thing I learned is that you can reuse the oil year after year.

And look at that bird. Nice and golden brown on the outside. With the frying process sealing in the moisture, it was delicious!

Maybe I’ll take a chance and try it someday.

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