A Zella Ha Photo

A Zella Ha Photo

Say cheese!

Here are dueling photos of Zella and me. The top is my view of Zella and the bottom is Zella’s view of me.

This is one of her very first photos she has ever successfully taken. She loves looking through the viewfinder of her camera and snapping photos. She will even pose the subject to get the best angle. They say kids will mimic your actions. But it is a trip seeing a 2 year old do the same things I do when I’m behind the lens. She seems so natural with it.

But then why would she want to copy my inability to take a level shot here? We got some more practicing to do all around.

*thanks to Tri, Thuy, and Lily for giving Zella her first camera 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Zella Ha Photo

  1. Humm from my point of VIEW you both look a little slanted to my right your left. Yeah, it’s a family gene thingy..She’s
    a little mimic alright..Thanks for sharing..Hugs


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