Take a Hike

Take A Hike

There are a few sets of hills within walking distance of my house. They provide a decent workout with the various ascents and descents. It’s not the most difficult hike but it will get you sweating.

Once you get to the top of one of the peaks, you usually find yourself stopping to take in the view. From the ocean to the mountains, you can see it all. This vantage point is something you don’t often find yourself in. Everything just seems so mellow and easy from here. Sometimes you get lost in the daily rat race to appreciate the simplicity of the world around us.

Hiking through the hills gives you a good reset.

6 thoughts on “Take a Hike

  1. I love the view and thank you for hiking up there for this picture..I’ll let you youngin’s do the work and
    I’ll enjoy watching..Hugs


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