More Than Sundance 2012

More Than Sundance 2012

Another year…another trip…another great time playing on the Greatest Snow on Earth.

This year’s 12th occurrence of the More Than Sundance trip was as memorable as all the previous years. From the early stages of wondering whether there would be any snow. To the very last day and not wanting to leave the mountain.

The weeks leading up to the trip were marked by sunny days and below average snow levels. It was practically summertime during December and January. There was a sense of dread that this year’s trip would be disappointing in terms of snow. There were hopes and prayers (and some snow dances) that something would change weather-wise. And what do you know? In the days before our arrival, the skies started to puke snow. In the end, there was over 3 feet of snowfall in the 5 days before our arrival. And then a few more inches while we were there. The snow portion of the trip was accomplished.

With that much snow, it was a guaranteed great time on the slopes. So with a group of trip veterans, along with a nice dose of newbies, the remaining piece to ensure an awesome experience was all set. The gamut of people from all walks of life mixed so well together. Many times on a trip that brings together friends and strangers for 5 days, you never know what you’re going to get. But there was great fellowship among everyone. Laughter, stories, food, drinks (and a few more drinks) — everyone was able to share in great memories.

Ultimately, the trip can still be fun without a lot of snow. It’s the people that make it a trip that one keeps coming back to year after year. So in what has got to be the overwhelming feeling:

I can’t wait until next year!

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