Hey, Goat

Hey Goat

We went to the Orange County Zoo to hang out and check out the animals. There are quite the variety of animals in the zoo, as you would expect. There were bears, foxes, owls and even a couple bald eagles. Seeing one up close is quite a moment. They exude confidence and you can see why this magnificent bird is a national emblem of the US. You can find yourself staring at them for a long time before snapping out of it.

The exhibit that is a crowd favorite is without a doubt the petting zoo. There are various animals to pet and hand feed including sheep, pigs, and goats. You cannot forget about the goats as they tend to get the most attention. There are goats of all sizes and demeanor. You will see some that are pushy and dominating all the way to little pot belly goats just wanting to be petted. And then of course, you get the goat that just won’t stop staring at you. He’s coming up to you and just standing there.



You don’t ever turn your back on this goat.


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