Go Vegan

Go Vegan

Every March, I make an effort to be very conscious of the food I eat.

Last year, I gave up red meat.

This year, I’m going vegan.

That means a 100% plant-based diet. No animal or animal byproduct. No cheese. No chicken. No milk. No fish. No meat. Just fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. I’m hoping there is more than that but I’m not entirely sure. But I’m certain I’ll be well versed by the end of March on which foods are vegan and which are not.

My inspiration to try a plant-based diet came from watching the movie, Forks Over Knives. I may not agree with all the points made in the movie, but it does raise a few interesting points on the effects of food on health. It’s available on Netflix and I highly recommend it.

So now for the month of March, I’ll be hunting for some good vegan recipes. As you can see, our vegetable planter will be a great help in that. And if you ever want some veggies, stop by and grab some. This planter is located in our front yard.

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