Now That’s a Rock

Now, That's A Rock

There’s a rock rolling through the Southland. Well, maybe rock is a misnomer.

This “rock” is a 340-ton granite megalith. It spans 2.5 traffic lanes, over the length of a large truck and over 2 stories tall. This single piece of rock is big. Gigantic. Enormous. Ginormous.

It is taking a fleet of trucks of all sizes to move the rock from its original location in a quarry in Riverside, through 22 cities throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles counties. The custom built transporter itself is over 260 feet long and has 196 wheels. Needless to say, this is a huge production. They are shutting down streets, removing overhead street lights and even trimming back tree limbs. The final destination for the rock will be the LACMA museum complex in LA. It will ultimately be the key ingredient in the Levitated Mass artwork by Michael Heizer. I really can’t wait to visit when it is completed later this year.

  We caught up with the rock in Downtown Long Beach. It was quite the spectacle. A few people were around to see it rumbling by. It felt like a big parade down Ocean Blvd for the ultimate rock star. A once in a lifetime event for sure.

So a few things I learned:

— With money, anything is possible.
— Artists go to no end to fulfill their desire and vision.
— The crazies come out after midnight in Downtown Long Beach.
— When estimating the arrival of a 340-ton granite megalith at the point where you hope to catch it, add 2.5 hours.

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