Let’s Go Diving!

Let's Go Diving!

I will be the first to admit: I am not a water person. I’ve never been formally taught how to swim. In fact, I was tossed in the pool as a little kid and was forced to figure things out.

I still haven’t really figured it out. I can barely tread water. I can’t float on my back. My biggest fear is drowning. That fear has stopped me from doing a lot things. But you know what? I’m a certified scuba diver now.


So let’s step back a bit. My buddy, Tri, asked me a couple months ago to get certified for scuba through Sport Chalet. He was already signed up and was trying to recruit others. My initial thought was, “no way in hell would I find anything about scuba diving that would interest me”. Now, I have snorkeled many times and found it enjoyable. But being under water and all that, just not for me. No way, no how. Until he said the magic word.


Apparently, diving for lobster is a big deal around these parts. There are plenty of lobsters and the season runs pretty long. And it’s one of my all time favorite foods. Tri made it sound so enticing. I just couldn’t resist the thought of catching a lobster, cooking it and then enjoying it with some lime juice and salt and pepper. The thought of all that was enough for me.

So we took the open water dive class through Sport Chalet. A few days of classroom instruction mixed in with a few pool sessions. Then 4 dives in the ocean later and here I am: Certified. It was a great experience to tell you the truth. I learned a lot about myself and how to overcome my fears. Keeping a cool head in what I felt were life threatening situations was something I knew I could handle. And to actually execute against that? More awesome than words can ever describe.

So now I can’t wait to get back into the ocean to dive some more and start my hunt for lobsters when the season starts up again. In the meantime, I actually think I’m going to go for the advanced diving certifications. Now that’s something no one, including myself, would have predicted for me — ever!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Go Diving!

  1. Im so proud of you dear friend <3. Maybe one day you can get me down there, lord knows I am deathly afraid of the ocean. LOL
    I cant wait for the invite to come over and enjoy your first catch!


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