Look Ma, No Pedals!

Look Ma, No Pedals!

Zella got a new bike. It’s not the typical bike you would think to get a 2.5 year old. In fact, taking a good look at the bike, you’ll notice something is missing.


This is a balance bike made by Strider. It supposedly helps kids learn how to control their balance on a bike without the additional task of learning how to pedal. A really interesting concept. Makes complete sense to me. And seeing it in action? I was sold on it after witnessing our friend’s kid scooting around on one like it was a natural thing to do. And that kid was just barely 3 years old!

After seeing how quickly Zella has taken to her bike, I can’t wait to see how she progresses. Hopefully she is able to skip the training wheels phase and jump right into the pedal-like-crazy stage.

6 thoughts on “Look Ma, No Pedals!

  1. Geez, who comes up with these idea’s. Sorta takes away the “fall off your bike and get back” on experience lol My question,
    can you add peddles to this bike or do you have to buy a new bike?..


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