30 Days

30 Days

I just ended a 30 day photo challenge on Instagram; a challenge which was brought to my attention by my friend Charmaine. The challenge was to post a photo to Instagram for 30 days — with each day having a different theme. The themes ranged from the standard self-portrait to a childhood memory of yours. There were even themes which I knew the iPhone wouldn’t be able to handle too well, such as, long exposure. But with a challenge like this, it isn’t so much about the technique used to make the photo but rather your interpretation of the theme and how you executed against your vision.

I have often thought of doing a 365 Project, where I would take and post a photo each day for a year. I have witnessed numerous efforts start and fail. It’s not an easy project and it really tests your ability to stick to something to the very end. After doing this 30 day challenge, I can say that I would not have been successful in doing a 365 Project. In just these past 30 days, I had to make up for days missed by double posting on another day a couple of times. And this was with my iPhone to Instagram — one thing is always with me and the other consists of a very basic workflow to post. I couldn’t even imagine how quickly I would have failed doing a 365 with my DSLR and my normal photo editing workflow in Aperture and Photoshop.

But I tell you what, this 30 day challenge was awesome. It was something to look forward to everyday, thinking of the day’s theme and the photo I wanted to post, and then going out and getting it done. Reaching the end of this challenge is definitely rewarding and I’m glad that I’m done with it. Although, I’m going to miss it (a little bit).

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