Missing June

Missing June

It’s June.

At June.

June Mountain was the inspiration for June’s name. I have had some really amazing memories here. From snowboarding with my friends and family, to spending quality time with just Angela. I cannot describe well enough how much I simply love June Mountain and the quaint town of June Lake.

So it was with great pleasure that we were able to visit recently. We were up for an extended weekend with friends in Mammoth, and I was able to introduce them to June. We took a stroll along the June Lake shoreline. Rock throwing contests were had by the kids and adults. The air was crisp and tasty. The weather was simply beautiful. It was magical to be down by the water and looking all around and taking in the beautiful fall colors in the trees. I have never seen June at this time of year, and it was breathtaking. We then finally made our way to June Mountain.

I’m sad that June Mountain is closed for this winter season. It really is a bummer for people like me who love the mountain. But it is especially bad for the June Mountain staff and the community of June Lake which depends on the mountain visitors for business revenue. It’s a business decision and really isn’t too surprising if you have ever been to June Mountain. I suppose maintaining the mountain for the limited number of visitors it would receive just wasn’t going to work out indefinitely. A tough decision for sure.

Despite this, I plan on making an effort to put as much of my winter money into the community by staying there during Mammoth snowboarding trips. We have to somehow ensure this is the only year in which the mountain is closed.

I know June Mountain will eventually come back online, and it will be stronger and better than ever before. Until then, I have my daughter’s name to remind me of the great times.

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