Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes

I have been to Mammoth too many times to count. Years and years of driving up the 395 to visit the land of snow. From driving in perfect bluebird weather to plowing through snow drifts more than double overhead. Each and every time was to go snowboarding.

But this time was different.

Very different.

We not only went up during the Fall before Mammoth Mountain was open, but we were outnumbered by kids: 6 adults vs 7 kids. So what would normally be me spending my days on the slopes, turned into adventures with the kids around the lakes of Mammoth. We witnessed first-hand the beautiful colors of the foliage as the transition from Fall to Winter was well underway. The serenity of the surroundings was welcome. Definitely a complete change from my normal.

Here we are at Twin Lakes. A place which is only 5 minutes away from Mammoth Mountain and yet somewhere I have never seen in person. It was awesome with the towering rock formations looming over the trails and lakes. It was so peaceful and you immediately felt connected to nature.

Very blessed to have experienced this. More so with my family and dear friends.

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