Happy 1st Birthday, 2.0!

Happy 1st Birthday 2.0!

Little Miss June Bug turned the big 1. And just like we are oft to do, we threw a breakfast birthday party to celebrate this momentous occasion.

We had the standards, of course: thick cut bacon, potato smorgasbord, pancakes, eggs, croissants, and all the juice you could take in. And in similar fashion as before, we ran out of bacon before everyone could partake in it. In fact, we ran out of all the foods. You would think we would have learned by now to make more food than we think. It seems some things never change.

As a special honor, we were paid a visit by Ali Sabet. Ali is the award winning artist behind the amazing Pixopop collection. He was able to draw custom art for mostly everyone — especially for the kids and even some adults. I know he helped create great memories for everyone.

But most importantly, we all gathered to wish June a very happy 1st birthday and blessings for many more.

Oh, and I’ve got to say, as a parent you really can’t help but to look back at how your other kid celebrated in the same moment. I gotta say, they both really loved it.

Take a look for yourself 🙂

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