March of the Penguins

March of the Penguins

3 grown men.

3 penguin outfits.

Whistler Mountain.

Mix well and what do you have?

You have one of the most crazy fun experience in my life.

My friends, David and Jessee, and I wore penguin outfits for the entire day while snowboarding. From the moment we left our condo, to the entire time walking back to the condo after spending all day snowboarding, we were greeted by smiles and waves from practically everyone. It was such an awesome time filled with some of the most random events.

— Zipping by a group on a trail and hearing them say, “there goes a penguin, and another penguin, and another!”
— Asked to partake in a couple’s engagement photo on top of the mountain.
— Hopping into a shot with a pregnant mom-to-be.
— Posing with a ski group because their mascot is a penguin.
— Making a little girl’s dream of meeting a penguin come true.

After all, how could you not be happy seeing a penguin?

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