No Excuses

No Excuses

The month of March is many things:

– First month of Spring
– Women’s history month
– Colorectal cancer awareness month

And at my work, it is the month of No Excuses.

No Excuses is an annual campaign that encourages all employees to give back to the community through volunteerism. To step away from the desk for a few hours and head out to the community to make a difference. No excuses.

This year I volunteered at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. With a continuos amount of donated food, the Food Bank is able to feed more than 200,000 people a month. These people include children, seniors, homeless and the working poor. It is reported that 1 in 5 children don’t know where their next meal will come from. So the efforts of the Food Bank to collect and package up food items for the needy is essential.

My task at the Food Bank was to individually cut out Capri Sun straws from a roll of straws. As you can see, the roll was massive. This one roll contains 24,000 straws. My cut straws would later be paired up with Capri Sun juice boxes and then packaged up for delivery to an Orange County food bank — where it will be distributed to the needy with other food items.

I’m happy to work for a company that dedicates an entire month for employees to focus on volunteering. With 4000+ employees spread across America, the potential positive impact to the local communities is monumental.

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