The Moon vs Spica

The Moon vs SpicaHere I am, staying up late, taking pictures of the night sky.

Really focusing on getting a great photo of a singular light.

You know, the star Spica.

You can clearly see it as a blue light in the photo. Spica is, in fact, a binary star. Of which, the primary star is about 7x the size of the Sun and 12,100x brighter. The secondary, “smaller” of the binary stars is only about 3.6x larger than the Sun. Spica is ultimately the 15th brightest visible star in the night.

Knowing these stats, you can tell how magnificent a star Spica is and how well deserved a spot it takes up in the Virgo constellation.

But then the moon comes by and upstages it by turning into a blood moon. A total eclipse of the moon by the Earth’s shadow.


You can just hear Spica screaming: “What about me and my two awesome blue stars that massively outshine your puny little Sun?”

Poor Spica.

3 thoughts on “The Moon vs Spica

  1. Wow, great picture and the detailed description of the planet Spica.. I believe Mar’s was also just above to the left of the “Blood Moon”.. wish I could have seen it.. Cloud covered Seattle..


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