Mediocre At Best

Mediocre At BestWhat do all the following have in common:

– A golf ball shot to the face
– A stalking marshall
– A 5-some split into a 2-some and a 3-some, only to reunite as a 5-some
– Shots from a Sunscreen Flask
– Shotgunning a beer for the longest drive
– Wrong way driving
– $7.00 total purse with $1.26 to the winner

These all happened in the first major of the 2014 MGA Tour season.

What is the MGA you ask?

Why it’s the Mediocre Golf Association. And the first major, dubbed The Bastards, was held at Tijeras Creek Golf Club for the South Orange County chapter. The MGA is a worldwide organization that is made up of amateurs who, honestly, suck at golf. In fact, if your handicap is too low, you have penalty strokes added to your final score. And if you shoot 79 or lower in a tournament, instead of being in contention for the win, you get disqualified for being too good.

The MGA is literally a group of golfers who are not great. Where if you shoot bogey golf, you have a great chance of winning a tournament. It is a group of golfers who celebrate the number of drinks consumed as much as the number of bogeys made in a round.

Most of all, it is a good time on the golf course.

How did I do?

A tie for 2nd place and awarded $0.77.


77 cents.

Hoping I don’t spend all my winnings in just one candy store.

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