1 for 45

1 for 45


We made it onto the Radiator Springs Racers (Cars ride) in California Adventure at Disneyland.

What’s so “finally” worthy about that?

It took just 45 visits since we got our passes last year to do it.

From going with just the kids, to the line being over 2 hours long — the timing was never right. Instead, we would inevitably walk by the ride and see and hear the cars racing by with riders screaming with joy. The agony of being so close, yet so far.

So this time we finally did it by ditching the kids at home and going through the singles line. A short 20 minute wait and we were jumping into one of race cars.

So was the buildup of 45 visits worth it?


It’s like that movie that everyone raves about and recommends. You will eventually see it, but when you do, it doesn’t quite live up to the hype that you artificially built up for it.

Was it entertaining?


Would I have been more pleased if I had waited 2 hours in line?

Not sure, but I’m thinking I would have found more redeeming value of out it.

Will I go on it again?

No doubt.

Lesson learned?

Don’t listen to the hype and be sure to use the singles line.

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