Hi, Mom!

Hi, Mom!

Zella’s preschool had their spring musical performance. The theme was “Salute to America” and they sang 8 patriotic songs.

From “This Land is Your Land” to “Yankee Doodle.”

It took weeks of practice to ensure the kids memorized the songs and performed all the appropriate arm gestures. There were many times leading up to the performance when Zella would randomly bust out into one of the songs. And her observances of America flags on display while driving around was stellar. She was truly excited for the upcoming musical performance.

Zella and her classmates all did a great job. The songs were sung with vigor and delight. It was a proud parent time for those in attendance.

But you know how it seems in every performance where kids are on stage, there is that one kid who waves at inappropriate times and yells out “Hi, Mom!”?

Or “Hi, Dad!”?

Or “Hi, June!”?

Or “Where is Junie!”?



At inappropriate times.

Yep, that was Zella. During the breaks between songs, she was waving and yelling something out to us in the audience.

Just like how she is in the photo above.

Without a care in world. As if there were no people in the audience other than her family and friends.

It was so absolutely funny and awesome at the same time.

Like I said — proud parent time.

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