A Rock Unlike Any Other Rock

A Rock Unlike Any Other Rock

A rock.

I have some history with this thing. We go way back. Back to when it was shrouded in mystery as it journeyed through the streets of SoCal.

Go see how we started.

And now we’re finally reunited. Admittedly, without knowing the background of this rock — the length of time it took the artist to find the perfect rock (38 years), the number of hours I spent at various points of its journey through the streets (5+ hours), the cost to move the rock ($10+ million), the weight of the rock (340 tons), how long it took to move from quarry to LACMA (11 nights) — it would probably not be as interesting.

But that’s art appreciation, right?

Learning how and why something was conceived and then observing the final product.

*I’m halfway through my Project 52. Rock on!

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